Emergency Spline & Thread Rolling

You have no back up plan. Your reputation is on the line.
Where do you find a supplier who can deliver quality parts quickly?
Who are you going to call that has YOUR same sense of urgency?

You've got a bigger problem than being awakened from your sleep.
Do you run to the computer and Google production spline and thread rollers? You can.
Will you likely find the right supplier who has your back? Depends on who will respond.

Imagine getting another 50,000 parts.
Without missing your customer's deadline.

Ideally, you'd want a trusted relationship started before your machine goes down for repair or regular maintenance. That's why we continue to ask our clients what's important in a back up supplier? They tell us, "We need a supplier who keeps us from a break in our production flow and better be ready to…

  1. Possess the capacity and knowledge to handle our production
  2. Have no long start up time so we are ready for the next operation
  3. Get the parts done on time and avoid scrap
  4. Help us avoid capital costs of machinery so we can maintain margins"

And, finally, though rarely spoken…

"This back up supplier should NOT become our competitor and steal work away from us."

So where do you find such a supplier who will, pardon the expression, "Bail you out in the middle of the night?" It's Cold Forming Technology. But should you call us right now?
Consider this:

The ideal time to form a relationship with a professional such as a doctor is before you get sick. Yet sometimes you just have to call 911. We're ready to listen now. Pick up the phone and call 586-254-4600

We're large enough to handle bigger, complex programs yet flexible enough to give you and your emergency a timely solution.