Spline and Thread Rolling Prototypes

It's a fact. Some feel it's an opportunity to extort higher prices. Some are not "gear" people. Some make promises they know can't be kept.

Some may hurt your reputation. How do you choose?

OEM's want a prototype company who understands their time constraints and quality needs and one who owns your problem as theirs.

Additionally OEM's want to know…

  1. Will I have to buy extra tooling and run up costs?

  2. Will I be informed if there's a flaw in the design drawings?

  3. Can I get the prototype parts on time?

Any prototype supplier can tell you what you want to hear but is your supplier really listening and responding to your needs?

To help you make an informed decision on choosing a prototype supplier, and to avoid mistakes from the beginning, ask yourself these questions

  1. Do they have the experience and capacity to perform preliminary machining?

  2. Have a large inventory of spline rolling tools?

  3. If necessary, can modifications be made promptly and at minimum cost?

  4. Can they "make complete" including heat-treating?

  5. What is their level of gear knowledge?

  6. How do we avoid over-designing?

  7. Can the supplier help you transition from concept, to prototype, to production?

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