We'll Help You Roll Your Own...Or We'll Roll 'Em For You!

“We’ll do whatever it takes to take care of your spline needs.”

Sam Chirco - General Manager
Sam Chirco, Cold Forming Technology

Our Capabilities

  1. Tools - At Cold Forming Technology, we provide the highest quality new & reground precision rolling racks
  2. Prototypes - We also produce parts that are made complete in "days" to include: material purchase, turning, rolling, grinding, heat treating, inspection, and shipment with documentation to ensure quality, precision parts.
  3. Pre-Production - Our rack tools can be pre-approved for production and ultimate in-house use to run customers' pre-production needs for:
    • Capability Studies
    • Dynamometer tests
    • Supplementation of any delays in new or rebuilt machine deliveries to ensure a smooth transition into production
      • Parts can be P-Papped while production set-up is underway
  4. Production Rolling - Customers rely on Cold Forming Technology roll product when:
    • A business doesn't have its own rolling machine(s).
    • There are spikes in volume
    • When a business can't break into production to run service parts
    • A business can't afford to buy a new or rebuilt rolling machine
    • A business is at workload capacity
  5. Emergency Rolling - Many driveline parts manufacturers now specify Cold Forming Technology Inc. as their primary backup source for spline-rolled parts in the case of an unexpected catastrophe or other unusual situations.


Spline & Thread Rolling Specialists

We’ll Help You Roll Your Own, Or We’ll Roll ‘Em For You! When companies contact us, it’s usually because:
  1. They need a prototype supplier who will listen, respond to their needs and has hundreds of tools available in stock.
  2. They're working a large production job that requires rolled splines, threads or other shapes but it's too costly to acquire the necessary equipment.
  3. A machine breaks down and now their reputation is on the line! Don't panic, we can help supply the missing parts so a customer's project deadline is never missed!
  4. They need to run service parts or small production lots and can’t afford to break into current production.
  5. They're looking to improve tool life, or quality suffering at the hands of an existing supplier.
  6. They've declined to quote jobs that require rolled spline or thread because of a lack of in-house capabilities.
Our Capabilities

Spline & Thread Rolling Services

At Cold Forming Technology, we can provide you with high-quality thread and spline rolling services. Our spline and thread rolling services are perfect for high-volume production and will meet your company requirements. Our manufacturing capabilities include a variety of different types of threading, and we are confident we can provide you with the best product. Our spline and thread rolling process is precise and can be performed on a variety of metals in order to shape the metal into a thread form. No matter what you need, we can help you roll your own or we can roll them for you! The staff at Cold Forming Technology wants you to know that our goal is:
  1. To help your business get more business
  2. To help you keep the business you have
  3. To help improve overall profitability
We know that finding a competent supplier with extensive gear tool design and manufacturing capabilities is not easy, especially when it comes to ownership and a sense of urgency. We have learned that companies want a partner-supplier who will:
  1. Have minimal start-up time
  2. Maintain production flow
  3. Get the parts done on time
  4. Avoid capital costs of new spline rolling machines
At Cold Forming Technology we think you should expect that kind of resolve from your spline-rolling supplier. Contact us today and talk with our spline and thread rolling professionals directly! No menu driven delays! We are ready to listen.

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Trusted Spline & Thread Supplier

Though rarely spoken, our clients have made it crystal clear they prefer a supplier who will not become their competitor and steal hard earned work away. We agree.

We have our confidence that your programs and products remain confidential and proprietary. That’s because, at Cold Forming Technology, our goal is to build mutually profitable long-term relationships with our partners. Call us today at (586) 254-4600 or fill out our contact form. A Cold Forming Technology representative will contact you promptly.