We'll Help You Roll Your Own...Or We'll Roll 'Em For You!

Production Spline and Thread Rolling Specialists

Any quantity. Rapid Turnaround. Low & High Volumes.

If you need parts with rolled splines, threads or other forms, Cold Forming Technology will help you break into production. Our spline and thread rolling services will increase your production volume and will be delivered on time and on budget.

For parts that require Spline or Thread Rolling, leverage our comprehensive technical know-how and innovative solutions.

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“Don’t have a machine? We’re here to produce parts for you.”

Sam Chirco - General Manager
Sam Chirco, Cold Forming Technology

Production Spline and Thread Rolling Services

Companies with lathes or turning machines can now quote and supply their customer who require parts with rolled splines, threads or other forms.

Here’s why you should choose Cold Forming Technology to be your Production Spline or Thread Rolling Job:

  • Your Capacity is at its Limit: For when you are at capacity and need additional volume.
  • You Need Service Parts: When you need to run service parts but can’t break into production.
  • You Require More Production Volume: When your overseas unit needs more production volume.
  • Costs Are Too High: When you can’t afford to buy a new or rebuilt rolling machine.
  • All Skill and No Machine: When you don’t have spline rolling machinery but do have the ability to turn and process, we will roll the spline and you do the turning.
  • Short-Term Solutions: When you don’t know how long your job will last and can’t justify investing in new machinery, Cold Forming Technology will do the rolling for you.
  • Value-Added Deliverables: When your primary customer dumps an extra job on you and you do not know anything about spline rolling, Cold Forming Technology will deliver products on time and on budget.