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About Cold Forming Technology

About Us

Since 1992, Cold Forming Technology, Inc. has been providing the highest quality spline and thread rolling tools, prototypes and emergency rolling services to OEM’s, their suppliers and independent producers of power transmission products.

As former owners and managers of National Broach & Machine Company, we bring a unique level of expertise in world-class precision Gear Tool manufacturing. As the leading designers and manufacturers of Helical Gear Broaching Tools, Shaving Cutters, Gear Hones and Aircraft Gear Grinders we understand the needs of our customers and how to produce the tools you need.

Before we began operations in 1992 the industry was lacking a competitive source that could produce the highest quality spline and thread rolling tools and help reduce costs in the industry by improving tool life and reducing costly tool changeovers!

From the beginning it was clear that CFT tools out produced the existing competition and the industry hasn’t been the same since.

We also partner with West Michigan Spline, Inc. the leader in “Spline Rolling Machines” (both new and rebuilt) to provide a complete turnkey package of Machine and Tools.

Since our early days many customers have come to rely on Cold Forming Technology, Inc. to work with them from the design stage by supplying timely “Prototype Parts” and developing their tools so that when production began they knew their tools worked properly.

We also offer “Emergency Rolling” to assist customers that may have machine downtime, unexpected volume increases or not want to add additional capital equipment.

A number of customers rely on Cold Forming Technology, Inc. to provide “Production Rolling” – Only! Whereby, the customer does all of the preliminary machining and Cold Forming provides spline or thread rolling.

Although we provide a variety of products and services please rest assured that at Cold Forming Technology, Inc….

“We Do Not Compete With Our Customers”