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Spline & Thread Prototypes


Material, Machining, Heat Treat, Grind, and Final Inspection to your specification.

Cold Forming Technology can provide you with the highest quality spline and thread rolling prototypes. We can help you develop a thread and spline tool that is long lasting, precise and high quality. As your spline and thread rolling prototype supplier, we can take you from concept to prototype, to design.

Have you ever encountered a supplier that:

  • Charges significantly higher prices?
  • Aren’t “gear” people?
  • Makes promises they know they can’t keep?
  • Have hurt your reputation?

OEM’s want a spline and thread prototype company that understands their time constraints and high-quality needs, and one that isn’t afraid to step down from a challenge.

Additionally, OEM’s want to know:

  • Will they have to buy extra tooling, and run up costs?
  • Will they be informed if there is a flaw in the design drawings?
  • Can they get the prototype parts on time?

If you’ve said yes to some or all of these, you must be wondering “How does Cold Forming Technology measure up as a prototype supplier?”

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“With prototypes, we pride ourselves on our development and manufacturing.”

Sam Chirco - General Manager
Sam Chirco, Cold Forming Technology

Trusted Spline and Thread Prototype Supplier

Any prototype supplier can tell you what you want to hear, but is your supplier really listening and responding to your needs?

To help you make an informed decision on choosing the best prototype supplier, and to avoid mistakes from the beginning, ask yourself if these qualities sound good to you:

  • Since 1992, our customers have come to rely on our experience and in-house capacity to perform preliminary machining!
  • Large inventory of high-quality spline rolling tools and prototypes!
  • Consistently improving tool life and reducing costly changeovers!
  • Fully-crafted prototypes including heat-treating!
  • Lead designers and manufacturers with expertise of Helical Gear Broaching Tools, Shaving Cutters, Gear Hones and Aircraft Gear Grinders!
  • From the initial design stage, prototype parts are developed to ensure the customer knows how their tool works from beginning to end!
  • We do not compete with our customers!

Spline and Thread Rolling Prototype Solution

Our spline and thread rolling services can take your tool design and create a prototype that meets your production standards.

At Cold Forming Technology, you’re getting the best prototype for your business needs. We take the time to listen and understand your wants, needs and concerns. We take ownership of your challenges and make it our duty to provide you with the best solution.

Cold Forming Technology is your spline and thread prototype solution. Give us a call today at (586) 252-4600 or fill out our online form for any questions about the prototypes we can design for you.